We begin every action with a million justifications for it in our heads, prepared to answer any question about it and clarify our purpose, even when the action is so simple and minute that no one was bound to question it to begin with. Every word overanalyzed in order to draw the most number of interpretations out of it, ensuring the original intent is lost in the process. This is how us humans work. No? Just me? That’s what it feels like sometimes but I know there are a lot of people in this great, big world who’ll agree with me and as I’m bound to do with a stranger’s opinion, agree with just a shake of my head as they exist in silence. I’d talked myself out of starting this blog innumerable times in the past but its time I let my thoughts out somewhere.
I’m just another anxious, confused teenager trying to make her way around the world as secretly as possible. When asked, I’ll have nothing to offer as opinion due to the sheer responsibility id feel for having one, but the chaos inside my head won’t actually hold me back from having said opinion. I do have a lot of things to say and this blog is the embodiment of those whispers of ideas, the small but certain space I plan to carve for myself in the vast darkness of the internet.