Speak Now

I parted my lips to speak
A breath of whispered words rushed out
I knew how to talk
But I didn’t know how to be heard.
Ideas, they danced
Tumbled and flew in my head,
But they didn’t know how to leave
How to rush out.
I sat.
I listened.
I could speak.
My turn would come.
I would let my thoughts be heard.
I waited, listening.
Everyone glanced at me,
Giving me a chance,
I smiled.
Shook my head and let the moment pass,
They weren’t great ideas anyways.
There’s always next time…Or not.



  1. Just a Nervous Girl · September 14, 2016

    This made me think of when I attended a social anxiety meetup and someone suggested we go around and introduce ourselves. I got anxious listening to the people before me have their turns, and when it was my turn with everyone looking at me, I froze, smiled nervously and asked if I had to do it. When I was given the reprieve about not having to if I didn’t want to, I held my fixed smile and said I would be passing.


    • EtherealEmbers · September 14, 2016

      Yeah i know what you mean. I hold back from speaking up and regret it every time but i can never convince myself to properly express what’s on my mind.

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