I always prayed that all the noise

All the shouting

Every yelled insult

All of it would just



I wanted peace

Some heavenly respite

A breath of silence

To wash over us.

But nothing came of it.

We fought like we were

Possessed by spirits,

Clawing at each other’s minds

Ripping out chunks of each other’s

Exposed, speeding hearts.


But suddenly one day

When we were expending

The last of our souls

Determined to bring the other down,

The sound, your voice,

It was all gone.

You gave up on us.


There was a hollow silence

Carved out by your absence,

While I stood frozen

Unable to breath

Incapable of shattering the void

With even the sound of my broken sob.


I’d always prayed for silence

But i didn’t want it anymore,

Its haunting presence

Draining my life

Arresting even my heart

Leaving my mind, body

Devoid of the energy,

Suckling at my resolve

To hold on.


This silence was worse

Than any sob or shout

Because it left me alone with myself

And ever since then,

I’ve been terrified of what I found.



I open my eyes to the glaring light

Blink. I can’t see

I’m blinded by your lies.


My eyes adjust to the brightness

I can see a little now

Blink. Your light is slowly going out.


All I’m left with is the darkness

That’s blinding me once more

Blink. You’re gone

Just left, disappeared

Letting me stumble to the floor.

Speak Now

I parted my lips to speak
A breath of whispered words rushed out
I knew how to talk
But I didn’t know how to be heard.
Ideas, they danced
Tumbled and flew in my head,
But they didn’t know how to leave
How to rush out.
I sat.
I listened.
I could speak.
My turn would come.
I would let my thoughts be heard.
I waited, listening.
Everyone glanced at me,
Giving me a chance,
I smiled.
Shook my head and let the moment pass,
They weren’t great ideas anyways.
There’s always next time…Or not.