She stood at the edge of the river,

Her hair blew around in the wind.

She smiled at the moon that shone down upon her,

In the incandescent light, her tears glistened.


The world had worn her out,

She had nowhere else to go,

Her life had fallen apart around her,

The pressure had broken her strings.


She’d had enough of the pain,

Had enough of the fights,

Happiness had deserted her long ago,

The light had left her eyes.


No more could she put up a front,

No longer could she pretend,

She had nothing left to give,

Her strength was long since diminished.


She stared at the white water of the river,

That rushed against all the stones.

She’d sat here and wept many a times,

Watching her sadness flow away with the river’s force.


But this wasn’t like all those other times,

When she’d cried all she could and then walked away.

This was the last time,

This had been her last day.


She had always loved rivers,

Always loved their power and force,

So loosing herself in its coursing waters,

Seemed a fitting way for her to go.


Letting out a deep breath,

She thought of everything she was going to leave behind,

But a glance at the deserted space around her,

Showed her exactly, the complete emptiness that was her life.


She looked back at the water,

Feeling finally prepared,

She took a step into the freezing river,

Ignoring the icy sting that ran through her veins.



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